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March 2013 Act II orchestration complete, opera fully orchestrated

December 2012 Act I orchestration complete

November 2011 orchestration excerpts reading and live recording, Merkin Concert Hall, New York

June 2011 second orchestration workshop, Ayers Studios, New York

December 2010 first orchestration workshop, Carroll Studios, New York

From conductor Steven Osgood’s program note for the January 2010 staged workshop:

The score to The Golden Gate unfolds in a series of sometimes very short scenes and numbers, always with an emphasis on textual clarity, in a form and shape that are closest to Baroque opera. The make-up of the 17-piece orchestra will match this Baroque structure with a continuo group that includes piano, harpsichord and celeste, as well as acoustic and electric guitars; a melodic group of string quintet, four winds and two brass players; and a percussion group that will move from one extreme of Jan's punk rock band, to spacious, ringing evocation of San Francisco's nighttime sky and expansive vistas. It is an instrumental ensemble that will be able to ebb and flow like Monteverdi at one moment, sparkle like Henze at the next, and then crash and drive like Black Flag. It is a score that I imagine conducting from one of the continuo keyboards, in which each of the instrumentalists is a character in the drama. Tantalizing. Yes, very tantalizing.

Listen to live recordings from the reading of excerpts of The Golden Gate at Merkin Concert Hall on November 18, 2011:   

Click below to hear the reading of Act I scene 1 (duration: 15 minutes)

Click below to hear the reading of the first half of Act I scene 2 (duration: 11 minutes)

Click below to hear the reading of the opening aria and duet from Act I scene 3 (duration: 3 minutes)

Conductor, Steven Osgood; Liz, Katrina Thurman; Jan, Hai-Ting Chinn; John, David Adam Moore; Ed, Keith Jameson; Phil, Justin Hopkins


  2 keyboardists on piano, celeste, and synthesizer
  2 percussionists on vibes, marimba, percussion, and drum set
  1 acoustic and electric guitar
  1 harp

  2 violins
  1 viola
  1 cello
  1 bass

  1 flute
  1 oboe
  1 clarinet
  1 bassoon

  1 trumpet
  1 horn